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Istituto Statale di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore – Crispiano, Italy

Our Institute is located in Crispiano, a town of about 13,000 inhabitants, situated at 230 meters above sea level. About 50% of the land is hilly and has natural vegetation including the typical Mediterranean maquis, the flat area is crossed by a system of ravines in the main tributaries of Leucaspide. The local economy is traditionally based on agriculture, in the last 30 years is also oriented towards industry and tertiary. Many shops are well-planned and designed, many restaurants are also present on the farms, serving local produce, there is also a winery, which produces excellent sparkling wine. Educational facilities in the territory are:

  • Kindergartens: Cacace - Rodari - John XXIII - "Sacred Family" (Sisters of St. Anne)
  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Plexus "P. Mancini" - Plexus "John XXIII"
    Commercial Technical Institute for Professional Accountants and Institute for Hospitality and Catering

In the Hospitality and Catering Institute, where I teach, there are three specializations:

  • Food business operator
  • Business operator Room Bar
  • Business operator Reception

The Institute is the only vocational institute in the town and half of the students come from the nearby villages. In addition, we also have some classes of technical education and some courses for adults. The students come from a low social family context (often with economic problems due to unemployment) and they are not always motivated to study. They would like to work but often they lack motivation for learning. They are therefore at risk of social exclusion.The teachers work hard to discover new strategies to make vocational education attractive for all. We are constantly in contact with local companies where we send our students for training. The expectations are mainly to build a larger European network of organisations and schools working in the same field, the personal enrichment and mind opening of all participants, to exchange methodologies and good practices among staff, to benefit from each other's knowledge, to exchange experiences and methods in the chosen thematic.