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Istituto istruzione superiore Don Milani-Pertini, Grottaglie, Italy

The institute is situated in Grottaglie (Apulia) in the south east of Italy. Grottaglie has about 32.000 inhabitants and is located in the Salento peninsula, a whole rock of limestone dividing the Adriatic sea from the Ionian sea. The countryside around the city is scattered with vast and deep ravines that open the ground into the heart of the limestone-rock. The landscape is characterized by the presence of such ancient and enthralling rupestrian ravine encircling the built-up area.

Grapes and ceramics-industry are two traditional elements of the local economy since the times of Greater Greece.

The numerous ceramic finds, tracing back to the Classical Age and kept in the National Museum of "Magna Grecia" in Taranto, reveal the antique roots of this handicrafts production which was privileged by the presence of considerable amounts of clay in the surrounding territory. More recently, records dating back to the 18th century report at the time 42 companies in Grottaglie operating in the ceramics-sector with a total of 5,000 employees. In addition to ceramics, also agricultural products such as olive oil and excellent choice dessert grapes are of great importance. Alenia Composite, a factory of Alenia group produces parts for the Boeing 787.

Our institute provides vocational qualification to about 900 students. It has 3 faculties of education: social services, economics and tourism. It is the only vocational institute in the town and half of the students come from the nearby villages. In addition, we also have some classes of technical education and some courses for adults. The students come from a low social family context (often with economic problems due to unemployment) and they are not always motivated to study. They would like to work, but often they lack motivation for learning. They are therefore at risk of social exclusion. The teachers work hard to discover new strategies to make vocational education attractive for all. We are constantly in contact with local companies, where we send our students for training. The expectations are mainly to build a larger European network of organisations and schools working in the same field, the personal enrichment and mind opening of all participants, to exchange methodologies and good practices among staff, to benefit from each other's knowledge, to exchange experiences and methods in the chosen thematic.