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Oulun seudun ammattiopisto, Oulu, Finland

Oulu Vocational College (later on OSAO) is one of the biggest vocational schools in Finland. Over 8500 youth and adults study in the College and the staff numbers around 850. OSAO offers education in almost every vocational field in 12 units in Oulu area and the northeast part of Oulu province.

OSAO is a partner in the project. Units working in the project are Haukipudas Unit, Kaukovainio Unit, Business and Administration and Muhos Unit. Every unit takes part in game planning in their own special branches. Haukipudas developes material for food processing. Kaukovainio unit has active part in the technical details of the game and business and administration. Muhos unit develops material for agriculture and forestry.

OSAO was established in 2005 and still works to find the common culture and togetherness. OSAO units don't have their single campus but the units are spread throughout the region. And distances are easily over ten kilometres. This project promotes the growing together of different units, and also students and teachers of different units.

IT technology of Oulu area has suffered from "China phenomenon" and we have lost a lot of jobs in manufacturing and research and development. Oulu area has still strong know-how in programming. And there is a rising need of programming, game technology and need for work force in game industry in Oulu area. Kaukovainio unit, business and administration, has started a new study program in game planning in autumn 2009.

European project is a fine opportunity for students and teachers to work in international working environment and develop their game programming skills. Education through games – edutainment – is seen as a future learning method. In this European project students are producing a game for students.

Teachers learn from students while familiarizing with games.

Oulu region is still mono-cultural though Oulu region is an educational centre in Northern Finland. Through this project our students get a chance to practice their language and crosscultural skills and prepare themselves for the needs of working life.